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Parkway Minerals (ASX:PWN) is commercialising a world-class technology portfolio to provide long-term sustainable solutions for processing complex brines, in the energy, mining and wastewater industries.


Creating Value Through Technology

  • Parkway Minerals has built a powerful portfolio of proprietary process technologies including:

    • aMES™ - activated Mineral Extraction System

    • iBC™ - integrated Brine Causticization process

    • knowhow - for processing complex brines, with additional IP generation/protection currently underway.

  • These technologies provide clients with brine challenges with a clear value proposition, where mature low-cost alternatives are simply not available.

  • Parkway Minerals is building a proprietary technology platform and adopting an Innovative Business Model, as a source of Sustained Competitive Advantage.

  • We are partnering with leading industry participants to provide, BPaaS – Brine Processing as a Solution™.


With these strong foundations, Parkway Minerals is well placed to be part of the long-term solution for processing complex brines.

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