iBC™ Technology

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iBC™ Technology - Overview

The integrated Brine Causticization, or iBC™ is a patented process technology that simultaneously removes common impurities from waste brine streams and converts sodium carbonates and bicarbonates commonly found in coal seam gas (CSG) brines, into more soluble sodium hydroxide. As a result of the causticization step, the iBC™ technology produces a purified brine suitable for downstream processing, including with the aMES™ technology, for the production of various salt products and industrial-grade sodium hydroxide.

The CSG Opportunity

  • Significant associated water is produced by the Coal Seam Gas (CSG) industry in Australia. It’s estimated 60 GL of associated water containing almost 200,000 tonnes of salts is produced in Queensland, annually. With the recent news (April 2020), that Arrow Energy was proceeding with the development of a $10 billion CSG project in the Surat Basin in Queensland, the scale of the problem in processing waste brines, is anticipated to increase further.

    • On 15 May 2020, Parkway Minerals announced it had acquired the integrated Brine Causticization (iBC™) technology.

    • The acquisition includes the process patent, associated knowhow and a pilot plant based on the iBC™ technology.

    • The iBCTM technology purifies typical CSG industry brines and effectively integrates with the aMES™ technology, enabling the subsequent production of saleable products from these pre-treated waste brine streams, which would otherwise require storage and disposal.


Key Industries (Applications)

  • Industrial waste brine (CSG)

  • Water treatment waste brine

Target Products (Produced)

  • Sodium hydroxide concentrate

  • Sodium chloride 

  • Byproducts (Ca, Mg, Si)

Next Steps

  • Parkway has been approached by several CSG industry participants, including operators, to explore options, as conventional approaches are inadequate.

  • As part of the acquisition of the iBC technology, a pilot plant will be relocated to Victoria University, where a detailed technology optimisation and integration program will be undertaken to support ongoing business development activities in the CSG industry and assist in the commercialisation of the technology.

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Technology Ownership

  • The iBC™ technology is owned by Parkway Process Technologies Pty Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Parkway Minerals.

  • The iBC™ IP portfolio consists of i) Trade Secrets, ii) Know-how, iii) Trademark and iv) Patent. The IP portfolio, is protected by a Multilayered IP Strategy.

Additional Information

​For more information about the iBC™ technology including technical information or to explore potential commercial opportunities, please Contact Us.