K-Max® Technology

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K-Max® Technology – for processing micaceous minerals

The K-Max® technology was developed by Parkway Minerals in order to process glauconite and a range of micaceous minerals. A scoping study prepared by Parkway Minerals demonstrated the potential feasibility of producing several valuable products, including sulphate of potash.

What is K-Max®?

  • A patented hydrometallurgical process with applications in extracting potassium and other elements to make a range of products.

  • The process utilises hot sulphuric acid to leach a range of amenable feedstocks.

  • In addition to processing glauconite, the process is also applicable to other mica-like minerals, such as phlogopite.




  • Efficient hydrometallurgical process with numerous potential applications.

  • Allows the production of a range of products from unconventional minerals, mainly micaceous minerals.

  • Potential to utilise the technology to produce potassium sulphate (SOP), potassium magnesium sulphate (KMS), phosphoric acid, iron oxide and aluminum sulphate. 



Technology Application

Parkway Minerals has performed a range of studies on the potential of constructing a K-Max® plant. The primary flowsheet involves the leaching of recovered glauconite with sulphuric acid and the subsequent processing in order to produce a sulphate of potash (SOP) and potassium magnesium sulphate (KMS) product.


Click on the following image for additional information on the K-Max® flowsheet:

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Technology Ownership

The K-Max® technology is owned by K-Max Pty Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Parkway Minerals.



Additional Information

For more information about the K-Max® technology including technical information or to explore potential commercial opportunities, please Contact Us.