New Mexico Lithium Project (NMLP)

(PWN 70%, increasing to 100%)

  • Covers ~40km2 of federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM) claims, in New Mexico, United States.

  • Ideally located, with major road, rail, gas and power infrastructure passing through or adjacent to the project area.

  • Highly prospective for hosting lithium and possible potash resource.

  • Potential to direct process brine with aMES™ technology, therefore eliminating or reducing the need for evaporation ponds.

Lordsburg Playa

  • The NMLP displays important geological components including:

    • “source” - lithium bearing volcanic rocks.

    • “scale” - large catchment area to accumulate lithium.

    • “concentration” - located in a geothermally active region.

    • “trap” - closed central playa in an arid environment.

  • The project area has not been previously explored for lithium.


Prospective Geology

  • Basin and Range extensional faulting - actively defines subsiding closed basin.

  • Volcanic source rock includes lithium bearing rhyolites.

  • Region of high heat flow including hot springs to leach lithium from rhyolites into brines in the closed Lordsburg basin.

  • Basin morphology provides large catchment area for groundwater and brine recharge. Long lived basin for enrichment of lithium brines.

Application Opportunity

  • Potential to direct process the brine with aMES™ technology, therefore eliminating or reducing the need for evaporation ponds.

  • Potential to rapidly develop a more capital efficient and sustainable lithium production operation compared to conventional development pathways.

  • Potential to process and recover range of additional compounds including potash as a by-product.

  • Third-party interest in the NMLP, with potential to drill in conjunction with regional exploration company or other potential partners.

Project Optimisation

The potential project optimisation opportunities identified at the NMLP through the strategic application of the aMES™ technology, also have applications to other lithium brine projects:

  • The potential pathways for improving lithium brine project performance are similar to those for potash brine projects and are outlined in an generalised schematic outlined below. 

Forward Plan

  • Seek to farm-out for free-carry, and/or shallow drill to define potentially significant lithium and/or potash resource.

  • Parkway Minerals has received interest in assisting other lithium brine project proponents investigate the potential use of the aMES™ technology.

  • Parkway Minerals is evaluating a range of potential collaborative opportunities involving the application of the aMES™ technology for use in lithium production.


Additional Information

For more information about the NMLP including technical information or to explore potential commercial opportunities, please Contact Us.

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