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Parkway Minerals has assembled a strategically important portfolio of high-quality mineral resource projects that are particularly well suited for potential development through either the aMES™ or K-Max® technology, should a suitable feasibility-study support a commercial-scale development.


The Parkway Minerals project portfolio is focused on the ultimate production of fertiliser minerals (potash and phosphates) as well as lithium and other mineral salts, which can be found in certain naturally occurring brines.

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Karinga Lakes Potash Project (KLPP) 

(PWN 15%, increasing to 40%, conditional option for 50.1%)

  • An extensive brine lake system that covers approximately 1,109km2 over pastoral land in the Northern Territory, Australia.

  • Ideally located, with major road and rail infrastructure located in proximity to the project, with regional gas options also available.

  • Consists of a chain of dry salt lakes and is located within the Central Australian Groundwater Discharge Zone.

  • Extensive resource appraisal studies have been performed by JV partner Verdant Minerals since 2010.

  • Project is currently undergoing PFS evaluation.

Acquisition Rationale

  • Advanced stage resource appraisal in combination to proximal infrastructure, particularly the Lasseter Hwy, provide near-term project commercialisation options.

  • Potential to rapidly develop a more capital efficient and sustainable development concept based on the aMES™ technology.

  • The aMES™ pathway potentially eliminates the requirement for flotation, process steam, gas pipeline and a freshwater bore field, which collectively represent major costs in the traditional SOP production flowsheet previously evaluated.

  • Attractive opportunity for Parkway Minerals to showcase the advantages and transformative potential of the aMES™ technology.


Additional Information

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Davenport Potash Project Portfolio (ASX:DAV) 

(PWN ~20% shareholding in ASX:DAV)

  • Parkway Minerals owns ~21% of Davenport Resources (ASX:DAV).

  • The DAV project portfolio includes ~200km2 of perpetual mining licences across three projects and ~458km2 of exploration licences across two projects, in the South Harz region of Central Germany.

  • The mining licences were subject to detailed drilling in 1960’s and 80’s, when the field was owned by the state-owned Potash Mining Corporation of East Germany.

  • The review of historical drill data has enabled the delineation and reporting of a substantial JORC (2012) compliant Inferred Resource in the order of 5 billion tonnes at an average grade of 10.6% K2O.


Acquisition Rationale

The potash resources delineated by Davenport Resources, represent a globally significant source of potash, and is of strategic importance for Parkway Minerals. A large proportion of the inferred resources at Ebeleben and Muhlhausen/Kullstedt contain substantial potash minerals, including carnallite which is amenable to solution mining, a process which itself is well suited to the application of the aMES™ technology.


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