Share Information

Capital Structure (as of 1 June 2020)

  • 1,716,514,776 Fully paid ordinary shares (PWN) (416,049,348 subject to voluntary escrow until 17 September 2020).

  • 246,600,643 Partly paid ordinary shares (PWNCA)

  • 55,126,000 Unlisted options expiring 17 August 2020

  • 303,166,664 Unlisted options expiring 16 December 2022

About Partly Paid Shares

As of 1 Jan 2020, the PWNCA (partly paid shares) are paid-up to $0.001 and unpaid for $0.019. The company may make a call at a future date, to request payment, to increase the paid-up portion of a Partly Paid share, however, to date, this has not occurred. Under the terms of the Partly Paid Shares, the company will not call more than $0.01 of the unpaid portion, within any given six month period. 


Additional information about Partly Paid shares can be found at:


Parkway Minerals Trading Symbols

Parkway Minerals trades on the:

  • Australian Securities Exchange (ASX): PWN

  • Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FSE): 4IP


Parkway Minerals (PWN:ASX) Share Price Chart

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