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Parkway Minerals (ASX:PWN) has assembled a portfolio of high-quality resource projects focused on the sustainable production of fertiliser minerals as well as lithium salts, which can be found in certain naturally occurring brines.


Through our strategic investment in Davenport Resources (ASX:DAV), we own a material interest in a globally significant potash resource in Germany. PWN also owns a direct 100% interest in the Dandaragan Trough Project (DTP), where we have invested in excess of $10 million over 8 years, to delineate one of the world’s largest potassium and phosphate containing glauconite/greensands deposits.


In addition to the K-Max® technology, developed specifically for processing glauconite feedstock from the DTP, we recently acquired the innovative aMES™ technology, which has been developed to process a range of challenging brine streams, in order to recover valuable minerals and produce fresh water. 


Whilst the aMES™ technology is applicable to the processing of a broad range of brines, Parkway Minerals is currently focused on leveraging this state-of-the-art technology to improve the efficiency, sustainability and ultimately the profitability of global potash production, by enabling the development of more innovative project development concepts. A recent scoping study highlighted the advantages of incorporating the aMES™ 

technology into the development concept for the Karinga Lakes Potash Project (KLPP). In addition to the KLPP, our ongoing piloting and evaluation studies of several third-party potash projects continue to provide further encouragement of the transformative potential of the aMES™ technology. 


As we move forward with our plans to improve global potash production, at Parkway Minerals, our vision is even more ambitious. We plan to, "transform global brine processing methods, through innovative technology, in order to improve sustainability, and create value."

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Karinga Lakes Potash Project (KLPP)

(PWN 15%, increasing to 40%, conditional option for 50.1%)

  • An extensive brine lake system that covers ~1,109km2 over pastoral land in the NT, Australia.

  • Extensive resource appraisal studies have been performed by JV partner Verdant Minerals since 2010.

  • Ideally located, with major road and rail infrastructure located in proximity to the project, with regional gas options also available. 

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New Mexico Lithium Project (NMLP)

(PWN 70%, increasing to 100%)

  • Covers ~40km2  of federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM) claims, in New Mexico, United States.

  • Ideally located, with major road, rail, gas and power infrastructure passing through or adjacent to the project area.

  • Highly prospective for hosting lithium and possible potash resource in sub-surface brines.

  • Potential to direct process brine with aMES™ technology, therefore eliminating or reducing the need for evaporation ponds.

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Dandaragan Trough Project (DTP)

(PWN 100%)

  • Covers 130km2 of exploration licences, in Western Australia.

  • The Dandaragan Trough hosts one of the world’s largest glauconite/greensands deposits, containing abundant phosphorus and potassium.

  • Excellent connectivity to transport facilities, infrastructure and proximity to local and regional markets. 

  • Extensive resource appraisal studies underpin encouraging scoping study. 

PWN Thumb DAV.jpeg

Davenport Potash Project Portfolio (ASX:DAV)

(PWN ~21% shareholding in ASX:DAV)

  • Parkway Minerals owns ~21% of Davenport Resources (ASX:DAV).

  • The DAV project portfolio includes ~200km2 of perpetual mining licences across three projects and ~458km2 of exploration licences across two projects, in the South Harz region of Central Germany.

  • The review of historical drill data has enabled the delineation and reporting of a substantial JORC (2012) compliant Inferred Resource in the order of 5 billion tonnes at an average grade of 10.6% K2O.  

Parkway Minerals owns a portfolio of highly innovative brine and mineral processing technologies with the potential to significantly improve the efficiency, performance and sustainability of a range of industrial operations, particularly in conventional brine and minerals processing related applications globally. 

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