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Parkway Minerals owns a portfolio of highly innovative brine and mineral processing technologies with the potential to significantly improve the efficiency, performance and sustainability of a range of industrial operations, particularly in conventional brine and minerals processing related applications. 


Whilst these exciting technologies have applications in a range of sectors, Parkway Minerals is concentrating initial efforts on the production of high-quality and value potash (potassium, K) and lithium (Li) related products.

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aMES™ Technology

The aMES™ technology has been developed to enable the effective processing of typically highly concentrated brine solutions, in order to recover fresh-water and produce valuable minerals, including muriate of potash (MOP), sulphate of potash (SOP) and various lithium salts.



  • Improvements in mineral recovery and product quality.

  • Opportunity for substantial project capex & opex savings.

  • Highly efficient use of energy and produces water as by-product. 

  • Reduced water consumption.

  • Improved project footprint and environmental sustainability.


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K-Max® Technology

The K-Max® technology was developed by Parkway Minerals in order to process glauconite (such as can be found at the Dandaragan Trough Project) and a range of micaceous minerals. A scoping study prepared by Parkway Minerals demonstrated the potential feasibility of producing several valuable products, including sulphate of potash.



  • Efficient hydrometallurgical process with numerous potential applications.

  • Allows the production of a range of products from unconventional minerals, mainly micaceous minerals.

  • Potential to utilise the technology to produce potassium sulphate (SOP), potassium magnesium sulphate (KMS), phosphoric acid, iron oxide and aluminum sulphate. 


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