aMES™ Technology

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aMES™ Technology – for processing of concentrated brines

The activated Minerals Extraction System, or aMES™ is an innovative process technology that enables the treatment of concentrated brine solutions to recover a range of valuable minerals, reagents and fresh water. The technology utilises a proprietary multi-staged process incorporating novel membrane technology and is based on proprietary IP, incorporating patents, expertise and know-how acquired over more than a decade of intense process development initiatives.

What is aMES™?

  • Next-generation (activated) Mineral Extraction System - aMES™.

  • Technology is suitable for recovery of minerals, reagents and water from aqueous solutions including desalination, industrial and mining water waste streams, particularly concentrated brines.

  • The aMES™ process utilises a range of processing steps involving dewatering, crystalliser and reactor vessels, in a variety of proprietary flowsheets, in order to produce a range of valuable products.

  • Mineral extraction is facilitated by systematically concentrating minerals in brines through a proprietary multi-staged process incorporating the novel use of innovative membranes.


Our Focus

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The Process

  • Novel integration of proven technologies, combined with;

  • Innovative process based on proprietary IP incorporating patents, expertise and knowhow ensures aMES™ is an effective technology with substantial advantages over conventional brine processing.



  • Improvements in mineral recovery and product quality.

  • Opportunity for substantial project capex & opex savings.

  • Highly efficient use of energy and produces pure water as a by-product.

  • Reduced water consumption.

  • Improved project footprint and environmental sustainability.

Key Industries (Applications)

  • Mining natural brine (salt lakes)

  • Solution mining brine (potash)

  • Refinery & industrial waste brine

  • Water treatment waste brine

Target Products (Produced)

  • Potash (MOP/SOP/KMS) 

  • Lithium and magnesium salts

  • Range of byproducts (B, Br, Co, Na, Ni, NH4, Si)

  • Reagents 

  • Water

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Proprietary Technology Platform

  • Activated Water Technologies (AWT) has developed a proprietary technology platform based on the aMES™ technology. The technology platform builds on a substantial knowledgebase developed by leading researchers over many years, and also incorporates novel flowsheets, extensive pilot facilities and partnerships with leading industry partners.

  • Through the acquisition of Consolidated Potash Corporation, Parkway Minerals also acquired 100% of CPC’s subsidiaries, including, AWT.

  • AWT has been collaborating with Victoria University for many years, and is also party to a strategic collaboration and technology licensing agreement with Victoria University.

  • AWT has secured several R&D grants from the Australian Research Council, and is also a founding member of the ARC Research Hub for Energy Efficient Separation, based at Monash University.


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Key Technological Innovations

  • Selective and precise

  • Full utilisation of feedstock

  • Robust performance

  • No reagents

  • Energy efficiency


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Potash Applications

Parkway Minerals is evaluating the feasibility of applying the aMES™ technology to both existing potash projects as well as greenfield potash projects, where the technology is determined to provide significant advantages. The aMES™ technology is particularly well suited for potash brine projects or potash mines which have limited access to fresh-water.


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Technology Roll Out

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Technology Commercialisation

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Technology Leveraged Business Model

  • Through the proprietary technology platform, Parkway Minerals is in the process of establishing itself as a leading brine technology solution provider.

  • Enabling Parkway Minerals, together with its strategic partners, to offer:

  • BPaaS – Brine Processing as a Solution™.

  • For further information, visit Innovative Business Model – Leveraging Technology.

Technology Ownership

  • The aMES™ technology is owned by Activated Water Technologies Pty Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Parkway Minerals.

  • The aMES™ IP portfolio consists of i) Trade Secrets, ii) Know-how, iii) Trademarks and iv) Patents. The IP portfolio, is protected by a Multilayered IP Strategy.



Additional Information

For more information about the aMES™ technology including technical information or to explore potential commercial opportunities, please Contact Us.