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The increasing demand for water and reduced tolerance for wastewater generation and storage, is creating opportunities for new wastewater processing technologies. On a global basis, it is estimated that in excess of 250,000,000,000 litres of brine is produced daily, more than half the brine is produced by desalination plants. In order to address some of these challenges, Parkway Minerals (ASX:PWN) is commercialising a world-class technology portfolio to provide long-term sustainable solutions for processing complex brines, in the energy, mining and wastewater industries.


Creating Value Through Technology

  • Parkway Minerals has built a powerful portfolio of proprietary process technologies including:

    • aMES™ - activated Mineral Extraction System

    • iBC™ - integrated Brine Causticization process

    • knowhow - for processing complex brines, with additional IP generation/protection currently underway.

  • These technologies provide clients with brine challenges with a clear value proposition, where mature low-cost alternatives are simply not available.

  • Parkway Minerals is building a proprietary technology platform and adopting an Innovative Business Model, as a source of sustained competitive advantage.

  • We are partnering with leading industry participants to provide, BPaaS – Brine Processing as a Solution™.


With these strong foundations, Parkway Minerals is well placed to be part of the long-term solution for processing complex brines.


In addition to our technology portfolio, Parkway Minerals has an interest in a brine project, the Karinga Lakes Potash Project, where we are focused on evaluating the potential feasibility for producing potash fertiliser and the production of lithium salts, respectively.


Through our strategic investment in Davenport Resources (ASX:DAV), we also own a material interest in a globally significant potash resource in Germany.

PWN Thumb KLPP.jpeg

Karinga Lakes Potash Project (KLPP)

(PWN 15%, increasing to 40%, conditional option for 50.1%)

  • An extensive brine lake system that covers ~1,109km2 over pastoral land in the NT, Australia.

  • Extensive resource appraisal studies have been performed by JV partner Verdant Minerals since 2010.

  • Ideally located, with major road and rail infrastructure located in proximity to the project, with regional gas options also available. 

  • Project is currently undergoing PFS evaluation.

Parkway Minerals owns a portfolio of highly innovative brine and mineral processing technologies with the potential to significantly improve the efficiency, performance and sustainability of a range of industrial operations, particularly in conventional brine and minerals processing related applications globally. 

PWN Thumb DAV.jpeg

Davenport Potash Project Portfolio (ASX:DAV)

(PWN ~20% shareholding in ASX:DAV)

  • Parkway Minerals owns ~21% of Davenport Resources (ASX:DAV).

  • The DAV project portfolio includes ~200km2 of perpetual mining licences across three projects and ~458km2 of exploration licences across two projects, in the South Harz region of Central Germany.

  • The review of historical drill data has enabled the delineation and reporting of a substantial JORC (2012) compliant Inferred Resource in the order of 5 billion tonnes at an average grade of 10.6% K2O. - European Investor Platform

"Parkway Minerals (ASX: PWN) wants to become the technology leader for the preparation and processing of saturated brine solutions, which are often generated as a waste product in the energy, mining and wastewater industries.


Given the complexity of the topic, we took the time to review and discuss the company's current presentation with Parkway's Managing Director Bahay Ozcakmak."

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01 December 2020

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